P1010043Dr. Debra A. Newell is, among many things, a mother, worship dancer, intercessor, inspirational speaker, writer and healer...

I have always been a writer, but did not remember so until a couple of incidents merged.  Writing became a tool for healing after my own trauma and attending a writing conference where I first wrote about the trauma itself.  The opening served as a catharsis for finding my voice on the written page.  During the process, I moved into a smaller home and went through all kinds of things that I had carted around for years - only to discover very good writings from back in high school that I did not even remember writing.  Subsequently, I felt lead to share the writing process with other women in a variety of venues and formats.  The rest is history, as they say....though the adventure continues in very exciting ways!

As the Writing for the Spirit ministry evolved, I came to understand that offering the tool and process to others as a mechanism for unblocking and healing was the tip of the iceberg to a bigger dream of my heart.  This revelation lead to the birthing of the dream as a ministry that could be shared world-wide.  I knew I could not be everywhere at once, so this initially presented a conundrum.  In 2010, while on a ministry trip to train international leaders in Writing for the Spirit as a healing and equipping mechanism, a friend suggested making the offerings available online.  This suggestion took the dream to the next level.  As the website and online offerings were being developed, I received a strong word that I want to share here as an encouragement to each of you who read this article.



Dreams are gifts from God for your heart

the dreams keep you moving forward

when the ghouls would hold you back

and pull you down

and tell you that you are silly

or that you cannot do what the

dreams of your heart want to do

God says “come My child”

Your dreams are the special dreams

I have made for you to fulfill

the blessings I give to you

to use the special talents and gifts

and desires of your heart

The dreams are My gift to you

I will be with you in achieving your dreams

I will bless you as you walk with Me

and we will see your dreams come to fruition

 this is My promise to you, My child

Debra A. Newell, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. - Bio

Debra A. Newell holds a two-year certificate (M.Div. equivalent) in Apostolic Leadership Training from the Vineyard Leadership Institute, and is trained in healing and prophetic ministry through the Vineyard and Christian International, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  Dr. Newell facilitates writing and healing workshops locally, nationally and internationally, and facilitates international ministry leadership training, as well as participating in international missions and evangelism projects.   Dr. Newell has served on the Vineyard Leadership team, as a healing room team leader, member of the prayer team, before and during service intercessor, and has served on the alter prayer ministry team at Grace United Methodist Church.  Debra participates with an interdenominational prayer-walking group in the Downtown Gainesville area, and mentors other writers (e.g. Andrea Pence:  Hodgepodge Motherhood).  During worship, Debra is a prophetic dancer and worshipper with flags.   Her prophetically inspired worship flags grace both North and South Americas, as well as Indonesia and Malaysia.  

Dr. Newell is author of multiple publications, including A Strand of Pearls published in 2008 (Book Ends Press).  A Strand of Pearls is a collection of stories about healing, redemption and restoration.  This project is available in print, 4-CD series, and soon to be released DVD (with new author testimonies and promo material). Click here to go to the product page.  Profits from sales are re-invested in ministries devoted to healing of women.   She is currently working on the second book project, an autobiographical novel and screen play.  This work is entitled Jigsaw.  Look for the completed work to be available in later 2011. Click here to visit the JIGSAW page.  Please check out the Products portion of the website to learn more about the printed, audio-visual and worship materials created by Dr. Newell.

Dr. Newell currently serves as Department Chair of Allied Health at City College in Gainesville, Florida.  Additionally, Dr. Newell is an education and evaluation consultant based in Gainesville, Florida, and holds a courtesy appointment of Asst. Professor in the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research with the University of Florida (UF).  She received her Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), in Preventive Medicine and Community Health, with Sociomedical Sciences and Health Services Research emphases; a Masters of Science in Gerontology from Baylor University (BU); and, a Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology from Kansas State University (KSU).   Former relevant positions include Associate Director of Education and Evaluation for the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center (GRECC) at the Malcolm Randall Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC); Assistant Professor of Medicine and Geriatric Medical Educator, School of Medicine, UTMB; Research Associate and Project Director, Decision Information Resources, Inc. (DIR, Inc.), a Houston-based evaluation firm; and, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Houston College of Pharmacy (UHCOP).  

Dr. Newell has held numerous positions of leadership in the for-profit, not-for-profit, and academic arenas.  Dr. Newell’s expertise areas include leadership training, management and administration, health services and clinical outcomes research, curriculum development and competency assessment, program evaluation, and project direction.  Other strengths include fostering collaboration among diverse entities, intergenerational programming, narrative medicine and personal story projects, instrument development, conducting needs assessments, facilitation of focus groups and group processes, distance education, training, public speaking, fostering of academic-community partnerships, data collection and synthesis, and report writing.  

Dr. Newell most recently served as Executive Director of Women’s Resource and Medical Clinic where she launched a men’s longitudinal pro-life training program and increased community partnership involvement.  As a consultant to Florida’s Teaching Nursing Home, Dr. Newell orchestrated a state-wide training and needs assessment process for long-term care educators, risk managers and Directors of Nursing.  While with the Geriatric Research, Education and Clinical Center, Dr. Newell was instrumental in the development and implementation of a national education and training needs assessment of Veterans Administration clinical staff, and planned, convened (with a team) and reported on a national Geriatric Evaluation and Management summit conference, outcomes of which include change of national policy.

Academically, Dr. Newell possesses skill in leadership, management, and administration, mentoring of faculty and students, manuscript writing and publication, grant writing, conducting research studies, facilitation of academic/community partnerships, curriculum development and competency assessment, participation on course committees, public speaking, policy analysis, and classroom and distance teaching.  Past professional experience of Dr. Newell includes work with contracts for the US Department of Education (Regional Educational Laboratories Interim Evaluation, Regional Educational Laboratories Marketing Analysis project, GEAR UP), The US Department of Labor (Job Corps, WTC/WTW) and other national programs.  A more exhaustive description of research, publications and project involvement is included in the full Curriculum Vitae.