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Writing is an avenue of creativity straight from the heart.  When authentically accessed, powerful truth is released into the spirit to transform one's life.  While believed true for many years, research now proves that writing aids in physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual healing processes with dramatic effect. 

Writing for the Spirit is an adventure of the heart, mind, spirit and emotions - for the creator as well as participants.

Dr. Debra A. Newell is the guide who invites you to join in the adventure, and move upward on the spiral in this journey of life. 

Across many seasons Dr. Newell, or Dr. Debra as she is fondly referred to, has blended her multiple skills, talents and abilities into a complementary mix of offerings to serve the Lord and nourish her soul.

Writing for the Spirit is offered in a variety of formats in order for everyone who desires to participate!  You may join in the adventure through a weekend or week-long residential (on-site at Sanctuary Guesthouse) workshop or retreat, an online workshop series, or a destination workshop or retreat.  Additionally, you may work with Dr. Newell to create a workshop, retreat, conference and/or inspirational session for your group - whatever the composition - pastors, pastor's wives, adult group, work group, extended family, congregation, community-wide, national or international participants - at the destination or your choice - Sanctuary Guesthouse or anywhere in the world. 




Please see the full description of Writing for the Spirit  Visit WRITING for the SPIRIT, as well as check out the current offerings and products and resources.  Visit RESOURCES  You will be delighted by the book, e-book and CD series of Dr. Newell's first book - A Strand of Pearls, as well as workshop materials, and preview of her forthcoming book - Jigsaw.

Other ministries and services of Dr. Debra A. Newell

Within the ministry framework are multiple entities tailored to meet specific ministry needs. These entities include:

  • Angel-Works
  • Soulutions Consulting 

Angel-Works, in addition to the above entities, includes local, national and international ministry and mission projects, as well as city transformation initiatives. For each invitation, Angel Works puts together a Kingdom team of saints especially suited for the task at hand. Additionally, Angel-Works partners with specific mission groups as well as has established enduring mission and ministry relationships in multiple nations of the world.  Similarly to Writing for the Spirit, committed individuals may participate in the scheduled ministry and missions offerings, and/or invite Dr. Newell and her team to work with you and your group to create an appropriate partnership.  E-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Current local initiatives involve procuring contiguous land around a small body of water - the structures around which are to serve as a Kingdom Compound for the Lord through ministering to His people.  This initiative is undertaken as a directive from the Lord to reclaim the land around the lake for Him. 

International ministry and missions vision involves partnering with established churches and groups world-wide and matching gifts and talents of teams to "go" with the need of the "go to" site - be it building, teaching, health-related clinics, evangelism, or other work needed.  Angel-works also brings nationwide saints to the local constituency to minister and be ministered to.

If you would like to contribute to the Kingdom projects, please read more and contact Dr. Debra for additional information.  You may reach Dr. Debra directly at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   Or visit Support.

Please check out the planned trips and projects and plug in, and /or identify a need and contact us regarding sending a team to minister with you.

Learn more about ANGEL-WORKS

Request a Ministry Team Visit

Learn more about Mission Trips

Angel-Works is also the branded products portion of the ministries, including cards, CD, DVD, e-book, printed materials, and worship flags. Click here to visit PRODUCTS

Soulutions Consulting is the market-place ministry of Dr. Newell. Through this venue, creative soulutions are brought to bear on education, evaluation and design projects.  Soulutions are tailored to specific individual or organizational needs, with attention to clients, audiences and desired data needs and outcomes.  Soulutions Consulting is also available to provide technical support and report writing synthesizing data from multiple sources and for various constituencies.  Each project is designed in conjunction with the end user to create the desired environment. 

Learn more about Soulutions Consulting  

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