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Online Courses ( 104 Events )

It is Dr. Debra's heart that people all over the world be able to participate in Writing for the Spirit workshops. She cannot be everywhere at once, and not everyone can come to Sanctuary Guesthouse at a given time. Thus, Dr. Debra offers an opportunity to participate in a group via the web. Your workshop has some unique features that you may already be familiar with from other Internet interactions. The courses offer participants the opportunity to work independently, and in a group, as well as receive coaching from Dr. Debra in the process. So, now time and distance are not a limiting factor - you may select the workshop of your choice and participate from the comfort of your own home or office!

Through teaching in a variety of venues (online and residential), Dr. Newell melds skill and content in a meaningful combination of group and individual work that is accessible to a world-wide audience!  Online courses in general range from a one-time seminar-type offering to 4-12 week series offerings, depending upon the content and formats utilized.  Often, a course will encompass webinar-type sessions, skype-type consultations, asynchronous chat, individual work across a week and handout materials and assignments.  Some courses will require a modest investment in pre-prepared materials, along with the course fee.

Residential Workshops and Retreats ( 30 Events )

Residential Retreats and Workshops are held monthly at the Sanctuary Guesthouse.  Participants come from all over the world to savor the sights, sounds and tranquility of writing and seeking higher ground during the monthly scheduled sessions.  These workshops and retreats are appropriate for a variety of audiences, and are offered in a number of configurations - facilitated weekend and week-long offerings, as well as a self-paced creative option..  

Writing for the Spirit residential retreats and workshops are generally held at the Sanctuary Guesthouse - a haven the beckons to the soul and provides peace to the spirit.  Directions provided to paid registrants.  Click here to learn more about Sanctuary Guesthouse.

Participant numbers range from 2-8 persons, depending upon topic and level of work.  Dr. Newell offers a variety of formats to fit a range of schedules and preferences, including Weekend Retreats, Week-long Workshops, Writers Retreat weekend, and Moving to the Spirit Retreat Weekends.....Please see more detailed descriptions below.  Also note that when you bring a friend or group that the registration price per person goes down!

You may select from the topics and dates available, OR, Dr. Newell welcomes creating residential retreats for specific groups (8 or more persons, double occupancy) with specific needs or desired content.  For instance, you may choose to have a residential retreat created for your pastoral staff and spouses.  Or, select an area of concentration for a whole extended family - for a weekend, or whole week!

In addition to the identified workshop and retreat activities, Writing for the Spirit residential retreats also may afford the following creative inclusions, depending upon the audience and length of stay.

Other possible areas of exploration….

  • Soaking sessions
  • Creative Collage
  • Massage (scheduled ahead, for a fee)
  • Moving to the Spirit (dance) session
  • Art expression
  • Poetry reading:  collective
  • Individual listening time
  • Individual writing consultation (by appointment; writing submitted 2 weeks prior to the retreat)
  • Theatrical outing (seasonal; for a fee)

You may also request and book a "custom" residential workshop/retreat for yourself, individually, or your group. Contact:   drdebra@writingforthespirit.com

      Destination Workshops and Retreats ( 2 Events )

      Destination retreats and workshops take shape in numerous ways....shipboard, island getaway, resort-based, or an expansive expression of directed writing and healing in conjunction with a learning and touring opportunity in one of the many exciting and picturesque stops on planet earth.  These events are typically scheduled quarterly, though at times more frequent.  Keep checking the events listing for the most current schedule.

      Dr. Newell offers both weeklong and weekend offerings in locations around the world.  Offerings may be Writing for the Spirit workshops/retreats, and may also consist of Narrative Medicine workshops and retreats as appropriate. Current dates, workshop topics, and specific destinations are listed below.  Selecting the item will provide further detail and information regarding registration.  Please continue to check back for our updated and additional offerings.

      If you would like to suggest a destination for a Writing for the Spirit workshop or retreat for your group, please contact Dr. Newell at:  DrDebra@WritingfortheSpirit.com

      July 11/12, 2014     Austin, TX

      July 12/13, 2014    Austin, TX

      Worship Dance Workshops ( 4 Events )

      Moving to the Spirit dance workshops – our bodies are designed to move and flow in harmony with our spirit. Moving to the Spirit workshops create the invitation for tapping into the innate draw to dance with our Creator and free our spirit to express gratitude for life. Participants will want to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Scarves, flags and other instruments of worship are welcome as an artistic expression. Sessions include teaching about being comfortable with our bodies, movement and rhythm. Musical selections will vary for instructional purposes.  Click here to learn more about worship dance.

      Perhaps your church or group would like to send a member to be trained as a trainer for other members of your congregation or group.....sessions include instruction about the history of dance as a spiritual expression and other relevant teachings.

      2014 Teaching Topics and Dates are as follows:

      •       Spiritual Disciplines
      •       Worship Dance as Spiritual Warfare
      •       The Full Armor of God

      Please click on the "Worship Dance Workshops" link above and register for the workshop(s) of your choice.

      Invited Engagements ( 0 Event )

      Dr. Newell often speaks and trains in invited venues for groups and organizations in their own habitat.  Some of these events are also open to the public.  Both closed events and those open to the public (with appropriate notation) are listed on the website so you can pray for Dr. Newell and the participants, regardless. Please come and join in any of the open events.  Click here to learn more.  To request and book a speaking engagement by Dr. Newell, contact:  drdebra@writingforthespirit.com for fees and schedule availability.

      Mission Trips ( 0 Event )

      Angel-Works is considering several mission trip opportunities at the current time. When details are firm, you will see a listing with dates and pertinent information. Please check back.