Dance Workshops

Weekend Dance Workshops   (offered Quarterly - Please check our calendar for current course offerings)

Spiritual Disciplines 

Real Beauty 

Worship Dance is Spiritual Warfare 

Course Description:

Moving to the Spirit dance workshops – our bodies are designed to move and flow in harmony with our spirit. Moving to the Spirit workshops create the invitation for tapping into the innate draw to dance with our Creator and free our spirit to express gratitude for life. Participants will want to wear comfortable clothing and shoes. Scarves, flags and other instruments of worship are welcome as an artistic expression. Sessions include teaching about being comfortable with our bodies, movement and rhythm. Musical selections will vary for instructional purposes.  Click here to learn more.

Perhaps your church or group would like to send a member to be trained as a trainer for other members of your congregation or group.....sessions include instruction about the history of dance as a spiritual expression and other relevant teachings....

Course Length: Each Quarterly Moving to the Spirit Dance Workshop begins at 7P on Friday evening and concludes at 4P on Saturday afternoon of the given weekend.

What's included: Course instruction, appropriate teaching materials, snacks (lunch/dinner on own), lodging arrangements