dsc_0046Worship Dance

Worship Dance is an artistic, personal expression of praise and thanksgiving offering to God and in celebration of Jesus life, death, resurrection for our own "new" life.  As we express our gratitude to God for and in everything, we can do so in our whole body - mind, heart, body, soul, and with all our strength.

Dr. Newell facilitates Dance Worship (Moving to the Spirit) Workshops on a regular basis.  To register for an upcoming workshop, click here.  Click here to go to the Dance Worship Workshops

Worship dance is, additionally, very effective spiritual warfare.  The one thing the enemy hates most is when people worship God with abandon.  When we worship the Lord with everything in us, there is no room for the shenanigans of the enemy.  We are strong in HIM!  We are focused on HIM!  When we worship in dance we are able to elevate the level of worship.

Dr. Debra was introduced to worship and flag dance by the Lord - it was a natural extension of her spirit of worship with all that is within her.  She started out by dancing around her home for hours, moving with the rhythm of the music in spirit-lead choreography.  At a later point in time, she was obedient to "make flags" for use as an instrument of worship.  Through the ministry, her flags grace Asia, North and South Americas, and Mexico to date.